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The 'Magic Islands' mystery may finally be solved.

ScienceThe 'Magic Islands' mystery may finally be solved.

The radar scans of the surface of the moon revealed huge lakes and seas of liquid methane and no waves. A team of scientists think they're blobs of organic molecule that form in the atmosphere and float around in the lakes. The journey took the craft 3.5 billion km after launch from Venus, Earth, and Jupiter. It explored many of the moons and discovered seven more, but it was the ride aboard the Huygens probe that made it so interesting. The second largest moon in our Solar System and the largest moon in our planet Mercury, Titan is also the only moon that has a dense atmosphere and large bodies of water. The atmosphere of Titan can transform gasses like methane and nitrogen into organic compounds. The team wanted to explore what happens when the compounds are structured like a sponge. If they were solid, they would sink to the lake bed if they were not. They were dubbed'magic islands' because they seemed to be only temporary features. The original article was published by Universe Today.

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