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The Miss France winner sparks a debate about diversity.

BeautyThe Miss France winner sparks a debate about diversity.

Something went wrong with the message #verifyErrors. The Miss France contest ended in controversy after it chose a winner with short hair for the first time. Eve Gilles, a contestant from northern France, won the Miss France contest on Saturday night and declared that it was a positive result for diversity in the competition. She said that she chose an androgynous look with short hair because they were used to seeing beautiful Misses with long hair.

There were lots of people celebrating the choice of winner, pointing out that the Ms Gilles follows in a tradition of short-haired French fashion. The jury made a questionable choice, with one user on X attempting to argue that the result was based on inclusiveness. The #MissFrance2024 was one of the top topics on X over the weekend, and while there were many derogatory posts about her appearance, they were largely drowned out by viewers sharing delight at the result. The subject this morning is to be outraged that a person has short hair. One X user wrote, "Would that mean anything to you or are you completely uneducated?" Eve Gilles is the new Miss France, your useless criticisms won't change that, she said. The new Miss France has short hair, but it seems like she has wokeism in her because of it. If they abandon the idea of women being small, gentle, and rebel to womenhood, you will be a rebel.

The concept of beauty contests is sexist regardless of the winner, said Violaine de Filippis. According to the Human Rights League in Dijon, women have been abusing themselves all their lives to achieve these phantasmagorical criteria.

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