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The new voice assistant could be able to detect sarcasm.

TechnologyThe new voice assistant could be able to detect sarcasm.

The new model could be used to detect sarcasm. You can opt out at any time, and access your favorite topics in a personalized feed. The Information reported that the machine learning company OpenAI could create a voice assistant that could detect sarcasm.

According to a person with knowledge of the new technology, the mystery assistant could improve on the automated customer service agent technology the company already offers. As soon as Monday, the technology could be revealed during Openai's planned livestream. The assistant could do a lot of things that are not possible today, such as helping a student work on a paper or teach them how to fix a car, according to the report. According to a person familiar with the model, it is prone to artificial intelligence hallucinations, where models spit out answers that have no basis in reality. The Information reports that the tech will move the CEO one step closer to creating a more useful artificial intelligence assistant similar to the one in the movie "Her." Hopefully, no one will fall in love with it. Representatives for OpenAI did not respond immediately.

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