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The Nintendo DS emulator Drastic is free as the Yuzu lawsuit begins.

TechnologyThe Nintendo DS emulator Drastic is free as the Yuzu lawsuit begins.

One day after Yuzu folded in the face of Nintendo's lawsuit, it's not yet clear what other parts of the community might have to fear. The Yuzu settlement took the Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra down and it is not the only change the community is making out of an abundance of caution. The developer of the popular Nintendo DS Emulator Drastic just made its app completely free on the phone and plans to pull it down. I just changed the app on Gplay to free to make it clear that I don't have any kind of financial incentive, and Nintendo's move made the whole process more urgent. I don't intend to have it on there for that long.

The entire emulation channel of the popular Discord server for the Steam Deck has been temporarily shut down due to potential legal repercussions of hosting discussions on Yuzu.

The steam deck says it wasbullied into a decision that it was against.

Ryujinx, a Nintendo Switch emulator, was no longer accepting invites when I went to look for it on the Discord server. I wonder if Ryujinx is okay.

Without Yuzu and Citra, all-in-one emulation providers like the popular EmuDeck have to look elsewhere for the underlying emulators. The lead developer of EmuDeck wrote "This is not a good news announcement", as they announced that they were reverting to Ryujinx for Nintendo Switch emulation.

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