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The pregnant Miller hit back at age gap and double standards.

Fashion & StyleThe pregnant Miller hit back at age gap and double standards.

The star of American Woman, who is expecting a baby with a younger man, condemned the double-standards around the issue. Miller said that people are comfortable with a way of living that has existed for many years. She said that the double standards of being pregnant over 40 and being in a partnership with a younger person are unquestioned. It is absurd.

Miller and Green are expecting their second child, a girl, early next year, and Miller finds that judgement sad. The "Vogue World: London" event takes place on the eve of London Fashion Week in September of 2023, and features a pregnant Sienna Miller.

She described the fatigue she felt when she had to keep up with the conversation about her age. She told the magazine that she would like to not make a joke of being older and having a baby. Miller and the actor are both 14 years older than they were when they first met.

I feel like my adolescence was dodging bullets and advances to not offend someone. Miller told Vogue that the differences between them stem from growing up at different times. Miller said that he worked hard to convince her to go out for a drink with him. Miller doesn't think you can legislate on matters of the heart.

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