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The PS5 Pro may arrive by the holiday of 2024.

TechnologyThe PS5 Pro may arrive by the holiday of 2024.

The new PS5 Pro model may have a much more powerful graphics card that is three times faster than the existing PS5 models. Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming claims that the leaked specifications for the PS5 Pro are accurate and that the console will be released during the holiday period. According to the technical document, 67 Teraflops of 16-bit floating point calculations work out to 33.5 Teraflops of single-precision compute. The PS5 Pro could offer up to 3x the performance of the existing PS5 in some cases. The documents that were posted to the portal mention the PSR, which is rumored to use machine learning to improve image quality. It's possible that the PS5 Pro hardware will include upscaling to 8K resolutions in future versions.

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