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The studio will be at Paris Fashion Week.

FashionThe studio will be at Paris Fashion Week.

C.P. Company, founded by legendary graphic designer and fashion entrepreneur Massimo Osti, is preparing to launch an experimental label dedicated to textile innovation. The designs of the new brand by Robert Newman will be revealed at an event in Paris in January. He founded a number of Italian sportswear brands including C.P. Company and Stone Island. The processes Xerox and decoupage were used by Osti to create a unique aesthetic. As Italy grew its ready-to-wear industry, so did America's casualising influence on culture. The combination of graphic logos and patches, a broken-in look and references to military, outdoor and work attire was adopted as a badge of identity for various consumer tribes. Stone Island was sold to Moncler in late 2020 for 1.2 billion, making it the largest sale in Italian history. It underwent a series of ownership changes before being reborn in 2015 by Tristate, a Hong Kong-based manufacturing and fashion licensing group. The company reported around $280 million in revenue for its owned brands and licenses division last year. The lab of C.P. will serve as the center for textile innovation as the group seeks to reestablish its heritage. The goal was to give the brand a chance to connect with different audiences while raising awareness of the legacy. The new line will be sold directly to consumers online and in partnership with retailers rather than through the company's existing distribution network. To keep it pure and clean, and to have a room to experiment without creating confusion about what C.P. Company is.

The first drops will include a product capsule made out of Alcantara, an ultra-durable material more often seen in cars, as well as collaborations with tool-maker Leatherman and the sailor.

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