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The video game industry has a large union.

TechnologyThe video game industry has a large union.

The Federal Trade Commission is trying to block Microsoft's $69 billion deal. The U.S. video game industry's largest union has been formed by a group of 600 software testers. The union is the first to organize under a new labor agreement that was negotiated as part of Microsoft's acquisition of Activision. The Microsoft-Activision deal caused the labor neutrality agreement to take effect. Microsoft lawyer Amy Pannoni said in a statement that the company remained neutral during the campaign and after the vote. Kara Fannon said in a statement that the union is seeking higher wages and more career opportunities. The Communications Workers of America formed a record-breaking alliance with employees from the quality assurance division of Activision. The CWA said in a statement that Microsoft keeps its commitment to let workers decide for themselves if they want a union. The need for labor protections has been emphasized by the workers in the game development department at Activision, who feel like they are being overlooked compared to software engineers or developers. The Albany branch of the video game-maker had formed a union before the Microsoft-Activision deal closed. We want to foster work environments where we are respected and compensated for our role in the development process.

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