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The Vision Pro Headset will be on sale on February 2.

Fashion & StyleThe Vision Pro Headset will be on sale on February 2.

On February 2, Apple will unveil its first major new product in nine years. The Apple Vision Pro, a $3,499 mixed-reality headset, goes on sale in the US on that day. Apple said in its announcement that the device will be available to pre-order at 5 AM California time on January 19th. The Vision Pro is Apple's first new hardware category since the introduction of the watch in 2015. Tim Cook said that the era of spatial computing has arrived.

The new product vaults Apple into competition with other makers of augmented and virtual reality headsets. The product will be sold at Apple retail stores since it requires a precise fitting. Hundreds of retail store employees will be at Apple's headquarters this week to learn how to use and sell the device.

Apple's New Vision Pro: What Fashion Needs to Know.

The tech giant unveiled its new augmented-reality headset, showing off a variety of features and uses as it tries to create the first mainstream hit in the category.

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