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The wax statue of Abraham Lincoln is melting.

Arts and EntertainmentThe wax statue of Abraham Lincoln is melting.

The sculpture of Abraham Lincoln sits outside an elementary school in Washington, D.C., but has partially melted due to the heat. Sandy Williams IV created a wax replica of the Lincoln Memorial as part of his Wax Monument series. The exhibit is at a camp during the Civil War that was a symbol of hope and resilience. Garrison Elementary School is where the camp used to be.

The organization that commissioned the project provided an update on the sculpture. The statement said that the sculpture was intended to be burnt like a candle and to change over time, but this wild heat has done a number on Lincoln. The high temperature in Washington, D.C. on Saturday was 100 degrees. Meet the American who stole the stars and stripes of Betsy Ross.

The organization said that Lincoln's head was removed because it did not fall and break. The group is trying to figure out the next steps.

"We can't guarantee he'll be sitting up straight for the months ahead, but who really will be," the organization said.

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