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The winners of the International Photography Awards.

Arts and EntertainmentThe winners of the International Photography Awards.

The 20th anniversary of the International Photography Awards brings together images from professional and amateur photographers around the world. The international panel of judges evaluated tens of thousands of images before selecting winners in 22 different categories. The End of the Dream is a series of self-funded billboards that were displayed across California. By placing his striking visuals in a space typically reserved by advertisers, Broening makes an important statement. The Bakkarwals of Jammu and Kashmir are a resilient community of goat and sheep herders, who embark on their annual migratory journey from the hills of the Jammu region, traversing the majestic Himalayas to reach the lush valleys of Kashmir. Heavy snowfall resulted in a loss of livestock, but Marrazza's ability to capture the spirit and resilience of the community is remarkable. All of the category winners have a deep love for telling stories. Quentin Nardi, photo editor of the Smithsonian Magazine and member of theIPA jury commented, "As I was viewing the submissions, I was acutely aware and thrilled by the love and passion that people all over the world have for the photograph as a medium for story-telling." The image that got my vote was the one that used light and shadow, composition, technical skills, and complex color exploration to make a more sophisticated image.

The winners of the International Photography Awards were both amateur and professional.

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