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The year on the UK singles chart was a record-breaking one.

MusicThe year on the UK singles chart was a record-breaking one.

According to new figures from the British Phonographic Institute, the last 12 months were a record-breaking year for female musicians. Women spent an unprecedented 31 weeks atop the UK singles chart, and accounted for a record seven of the year's 10 biggest singles, and more than half of the overall top 20. There were 10 weeks this year in which the top spot was occupied by someone other than Cyrus, who had the year's biggest single in Flowers. The most popular tracks of the year were all written by Cyrus, Swift, Goulding, Raye, SZA, PinkPantheress, and libianca. The rest of the top 10 was made up of Dave and Central Cee, Rema, Calvin Harris, and Goulding. The work in the music industry continues to ensure that this is the norm.

Female musicians have had their highest annual share of Top 10 hits this century with 48.5% of all songs reaching the Top 10 this year. Oli Scarff is photographed.

The British music industry grew in the ninth year of growth. The number of audio streams on the internet hit a record high of 178.6 billion over the course of the year, up 12.8% on the previous year. There were no new albums released in the year of the overall Top 10 due to the long-tail effect of streaming. Swift's Midnights was second, SZA's SOS was third, and Harry Styles' Harry's House was fifth. The Weekend's The Highlights was the year's No 1 album, followed by Diamonds by Elton John, and 50 Years by Don, all of which were great hits collections. The 16th year of growth saw vinyl sales rise to their highest level since 1990. The vinyl chart featured seven brand new albums, with Taylor Swift's 1989 (Taylor's Version) at the top, followed by the Rolling Stones' Hackney Diamonds and Lana Del Rey's Did You Know There. The rate of decline slowed as Take That's This Life was the year's highest selling CD. The highest-selling tape was Rodrigo's Guts, which sold nearly 8,500 copies in its first week. The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply when we use reCaptcha to protect our website.

Most of the albums that made it to the top of the charts had more than half their chart-eligible sales made up by physical sales, which may be a result of artist-incentivised preorders, with physical units sold offering a heavier chart. The UK has the biggest albums of the year.

The Weeknd has a song called The Highlights.

Taylor Swift has a song called Midnights.

Taylor Swift has a version of 1989 called Taylor's Version.

Harry's House is a song by Harry Styles.

Don't Stop is a song by the bandFleetwood Mac.

The Hits by Emmitt.

SZA is named after him.

There is a band called the Arctic Monkeys.

The greatest hits of Abba.

The UK has the biggest singles of the year.

The flowers are byMiley Cyrus.

Dave and Central Cee are a couple.

Raye is releasing a song called "Escapism ft 070 Shake".

Taylor Swift is anti-Hero.

Calvin Harris and Eleanor Goulding are doing a song.

Rema is calm down.

SZA is known for her song Kill Bill.

Boy's a Liar is a PinkPantheress song.

Harry Styles as it was.

The people are called libianca.

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