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The young artist impressed with depictions of horror.

Arts and EntertainmentThe young artist impressed with depictions of horror.

Eli Alexander is an emerging artist who has shocked and delighted many with his work. Alexander said that he wanted to paint it because he hadn't seen anything like it before. His art became a hit with titles like 'Relentless Stain Of Panic', 'Hag Of Graves', and 'Splintering Bones Of A Decrepit Child'. Alexander said he saw a face in a towel in one of the horror movies that inspired some of them.

The theatre's owners say it was a perfect fit, even during the holidays. Why did you put gore up for Christmas? Christopher Curry, co-owner of Covellite, said he prefers artistic themes that are more sinister than minister, and that most people have taken it well.

Alexander created a few of his pieces, including Harvestation of the Body, with just a few Sharpies. Alexander said that he came up with the idea one night but didn't have any ink, so he used Sharpies. Alexander is trying to start a metal band and is playing guitar as well as continuing his art career. Alexander said that sometimes the idea of a song is a good idea for a painting that he can translate. The Covellite is open through the end of the year and you can checkout Alexander's art there.

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