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There was a shocking ending to the case of Natalia Grace.

Arts and EntertainmentThere was a shocking ending to the case of Natalia Grace.

The second season of ID's The Curious Case of Natalia Grace ended with a surprise ending that left audiences with even more questions. The docuseries focused on Natalia's adoptive parents, who claimed that the child was diagnosed with a rare dwarfism condition. Natalia tells her side of the story during the three-night special as she tries to find answers to questions of her own about her real age and why no one in the Indiana community where she alleges she was in fact victimized by the Barnetts interceded, including Michael. The series ends with an unexpected call, and the ID president immediately mobilized with his producers to make sure that it was included in the finale. Natalia is Biologically 22

Natalia was determined to be 22 years old through a blood sample from TruDiagnostic, a medical lab specializing in biological aging. Natalia was between the ages of 6 and 9 when her mother took her to see the dentist. Natalia's legal age of 34 is incorrect because of the Barnett's successful petitioning of the county court to change her birth records to indicate a 1989 birth date.

The series attempts to answer the question of the Barnett's motives for wanting the world to believe Natalia was a grown woman when they adopted her in 2010 by asserting that she was looking to exploit their adopted daughter the way she had her older son Jacob. When she realized she couldn't exploit Natalia, who was determined by experts to be of average intelligence, the way she had Jacob, and a pending movie deal in which she was set to be portrayed byRosa, she quit. The first step would be to have Natalia re-aged so that the Barnetts wouldn't be responsible for her anymore. Because Natalia had a genetic disorder that rendered her a dependent, she was locked up in either a prison or a mental health facility. Natalia was committed to an Indiana State Mental Hospital in June of 2012 after being accused of trying to poison her coffee and threatening to kill their family. Natalia was sent to live in a halfway house after the center determined that she wasn't mentally unstable. Natalia Grace and her children are in a family photo.

He said that if the daughter of the Barnett family died of a drug overdose, he would be famous. When Natalia asks Michael why he and his wife didn't give her back to the state to be re-adopted, Michael claims that he was concerned about appearances. The Barnetts were charged with neglect of a dependent after a five-year investigation. Michael was found not guilty on all charges of neglect of a dependent, neglect of a dependent resulting in bodily injury and conspiracy to commit neglect of a dependent. Natalia has claims of abuse.

Natalia details a number of alleged abuses at the hands of Kristine, including being pepper sprayed twice in the eyes. In another instance, Natalia claims that she was forced to take three times the recommended dose of her medication, causing her to become dizzy and pass out. Natalia claims that the incident caused her to bleed and that she was already menstruating.

There was a sewer incident at the hospital where Natalia was born, which caused her adoption records to be lost. Natalia's birth records went missing after the judge that handled her adoption proceedings was terminated for corruption. Anna Cava, Natalia's birth mother, says in interview footage that she never wrote or visited Natalia because she didn't know where she was and was only told that she was relocated to the United States. Natalia said that a man put something over her face while she was still in the Ukranian and that she had been touched by him. Veronica said she wouldn't be surprised by anything.

The most shocking detail to come out the series was revealed in the final 90 seconds of the season two finale when Natalia's adoptive parents accused her of ruining their lives. One of the last scenes in the series shows the family hugging as a judge declares Natalia legally adopted by the Man family. The Man's reached out to the show's producers just two weeks before the series' premiere. I feel like she is the enemy of the house.

Cynthia supports her husband's claims, saying thatNatalia is stabbing her family in the back over a complete lie.

ID has yet to announce any plans for a third season of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace but did go behind-the-scenes of the twist ending to give more of the story to be told. "Natalia Speaks is one of those projects where the further we dug in, the more twists and turns we uncovered," says the president of Turner Networks. When the call came from the Mans, we were all shocked because we thought Natalia had found a happy ending with her new family.

He said, "Our series was finished and locked, but we immediately mobilized with our producers to ensure that this shocking development was included in our finale." Nothing is ever what it seems with Natalia's story.

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