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There will be two Michelangelo shows in London and the most expensive painting in the Met's collection.

Arts and EntertainmentThere will be two Michelangelo shows in London and the most expensive painting in the Met's collection.

Eye Me is a song by Zanele Muholi.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art opened in January.

Eye Me, the first major exhibition by the South African photographer and activist, opens this month at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. There are more than 100 photographs, along with paintings, sculpture and video from the last two decades. The first photographic series that will be included is Only Half the Picture, which was made during visits to South African townships to document survivors of hate crimes against the queer community. In 2006 it was the first African nation to legalise same-sex marriage.

Being will be one of the work in the exhibition that spotlights queer couples. These images capture moments of ease and tenderness, whether the subjects are clasped in full embrace, or exchanging a gentle kiss. The series Brave Beauties depicts trans women, gender non- conforming and non-binary people. The artist has their hair piled high with a round mirror on their face. In the left image they look sideways, while in the right they look straight out at the viewer. The work ofMuholi and her photography call attention to the trauma and violence inflicted on queer people while celebrating their beauty and resilience.

The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York will host an exhibition featuring Harold Cohen's AARON Gijon in February, with funding from the Digital Art Committee. The Harold Cohen Trust has rights and reproductions.

AARON is by Harold Cohen.

The Whitney Museum of American Art is located in New York.

The time feels right for Harold Cohen to receive a show at the Whitney Museum of American Art along with his ground-breaking drawing and painting program, AARON, which Cohen developed over four decades. He was one of the pioneers in computer art and was an early scholar in Artificial Intelligence. The British-born artist was a noted tutor at the Slade School in London and held a one-man show at the Whitechapel Gallery in 1965, before moving to the US to teach at the University of California San Diego. Cohen was surrounded by the generation who went on to shape Apple and other Silicon Valley giants, and was attracted to coding as an intellectual exercise before realizing that drawing in code helped him address the challenges he saw for artists who are continually in search of new forms. AARON will draw on the museum's rich holdings of delicately plotted and coloured paintings and drawings, along with two versions of the software that will be used to show its drawing process live in the Whitney's galleries. The sculpture La Muse endormie will be on show at the Centre Pompidou in Paris from 27 March to 1 July.


The Centre Pompidou is in Paris from March 27 to July 1.

The relationships between sculptures in space were as important as the daring, minimal forms themselves. The artist kept returning to themes of the bird in space, the kiss, and the endless column. The studio was so important that when Brncui stopped producing new work in his final years, he replaced any pieces that were sold with plaster copies. The entire contents of his rooms in Impasse Ronsin were given to France. The replica of the studio that was demolished had 137 sculptures and 87 bases in the exact layout that the original studio left them. The museum moved into Renzo Piano's purpose-built annex in 1997 after a flood scare in 1990. The backbone of the exhibition is the artist's bequest of sculptures, photographs, drawings, films, archival documents, tools and furniture. The sculptures from all the key series will be displayed alongside studio plasters, borrowed from collections around the world. The exhibition will shed light on Brncui's process of direct carving and his creative inspiration, including Cycladic art and a short-lived apprenticeship with Auguste Rodin. After quitting the master's studio in 1907, Brncui set up his own. The Greifswalder Hafen will be on display at the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin from 19 April.

The art for a new era is by David Friedrich.

Until 1 April.

The Infinite Landscapes is a work by Caspar David Friedrich.

The Alte Nationalgalerie will be in Berlin from April to August.

Where it all started is where David Friedrich is from.

The Albertinum and Kabinett will be open from August 24 to January 25.

The culture tourism industry in Germany is hoping to cash in on the 250th anniversary of the birth of Caspar David Friedrich, with three major exhibitions planned in Germany, with the best collections of his work worldwide. Art for a New Era, an exhibition focused on his landscapes and Romanticism's portrayal of man's relationship with nature, was the opening exhibition of the year. The most reproduced work in the show is Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, and it's from the same year as Chalk Cliffs on Rgen. The show explores Friedrich's impact on contemporary art with works by various artists. Berlin's Alte Nationalgalerie will examine its own role in rediscovering the artist, who had by then faded into obscurity, at the beginning of the 20th century. The Monk by the Sea and The Abbey in the Oakwood are two of his paintings. Where it All Started will be on display at the Albertinum and the Kupferstich-Kabinett in Dresden. The paintings that inspired him will be part of the exhibition. The museums have created a portal on their events, as well as Friedrich's city of birth, Greifswald. The Virgin and Child with the Infant St John the Baptist are at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Michelangelo: the last decades.

The British Museum is in London.

Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael.

The Royal Academy of Arts is located in London.

The UK has a lot of Michelangelo holdings and is well placed to stage exhibitions of the master's work. The British Museum will be showing Michelangelo: the Last decades, which focuses on the monumental achievements of his last 30 years. Michelangelo relocated to Rome in 1534 after the collapse of the Florentine republic. The Last Judgement fresco in the Sistine Chapel, the rebuilding of St Peter's Basilica and the creation of the wall paintings in the Vatican were all created by him. The British Museum is showing the Epifania cartoon, as well as drawings for The Last Judgement, architectural designs for St Peter's and a selection of his writing to illustrate this late surge of productivity. The RA show focuses on the rivalry between Michelangelo and Leonardo, when they were commissioned to paint battle scenes on opposite walls of the Palazzo Vecchio. The Battle of Anghiari was not finished and what remained was lost. The work of the Virgin and Child and St John the Baptist are relevant to the work of Michelangelo and Leonardo. The work was put up for sale in 1962, and will be displayed in the National Gallery for the first time. The M+ Museum in Hong Kong is celebrating the work of the architect I. M. Pei, which includes the East Building at Washington DC's National Gallery of Art and the pyramid entrance to the Louvre in Paris.

I.M. Pei said that life is architecture.

The M+ Museum is located in Hong Kong.

The man who brought the pyramids of glass to some of the world's most important museums is getting his first full survey this year. The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar and the pyramid entrance to the Musée du Louvre are all examples of Pei's work. Pei has been praised as one of the greatest architects of the 20th and 21st centuries. His life and work weave together a tapestry of power dynamics, geopolitics, cultural traditions and the character of cities around the world.

The exhibition has been five years in the making and was organised by Aric Chen, the general and artistic director of the Het Nieuwe Instituut in the Netherlands. There will be sketches, videos and other archival documentation on view for the first time, as well as architectural models of Pei's projects. The 1962 Barbie Dream House will be on display at the Design Museum.


The Design Museum is located in London.

The exhibition of the world's most famous doll will be part of the 65th anniversary celebrations of the brand. The Barbie archives in California have been granted special access to the Design Museum curator and her team. The Barbie legacy that started in 1959 when Ruth Handler wanted to craft a different narrative for her daughter, Barbara, will be mapped in the exhibition. Being a Design Museum show, there will be a focus on the world of Barbie, from fashion to furniture and vehicle design. The 1985 Day to Night Barbie, in which the pink power suit transforms into an evening gown, will be included in the dolls. The Barbie movie press tour mentioned the looks that were in the ensemble and Vogue notes that it is a nod to the women's workplace revolution. The director of the museum says that Barbie is one of the most recognisable brands on the planet. The Work of Art: the Federal Art Project will be on display at the Saint Louis Art Museum until February 2025.

The work of art was done by the federal art project.

The Saint Louis Art Museum will be open in August and February of 2020.

The Federal Art Project was launched by the US government during the Great Depression. The main goal of the programme was to give work to the unemployed artists. The New Deal-era murals can be seen in post offices and schools, but they are mostly gone from museums. The Saint Louis Art Museum will present 60 works from this period, making it its biggest show in 50 years. The show is made up of works on paper and has an emphasis on US artists. Many went back to work after the project ended. The show will include rediscoveries of artists like Dox Thrash, who spent most of his career as an interior designer. The sculpture of Giuseppe Penone's hand with two grains of sand will be part of the Arte Povera exhibition.

The name is Arte Povera.

The Bourse de Commerce is in Paris.

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, the exhibition's curator, says a survey of Arte Povera will include 10% what came before and after. The exhibition will focus on the Italian movement, which embraced lowly materials such as old clothes and earth, through the works of 13 key figures. Christov-Bakargiev says that the Etruscans looked at the idea of energy and constant change. At the other end of the show, I would like to show how David Hammons connects to Jannis Kounellis, which is an example of what so many artists are doing today.

The Pinault Collection and the loans from the Castello di Rivoli will be included in the show. Stein's gallery in Torino, known as Christian Stein, displayed and collected key Arte Povera works such as Lampadina by Michelangelo Pistoletto. The Paris exhibition will include loans from other public and private collections, as well as pieces from living Povera artists. The exhibition will be alive and reflect the energy of the universe. Installation art was invented by these artists as we don't always know where the boundary of the work is.

The curator explains that the landscape of Turin is similar to the power of nature. It is not often that you see art in relation to the physical context that it emerged from.

The most expensive acquisition in the history of the Met was Duccio's Madonna and Child, which was acquired in 2004.

Siena: the Rise of Painting.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is in New York.

In Siena: the Rise of Painting, 1300-50, the Metropolitan Museum of Art explores whether European cultural life began in 14th-century Siena or 15th-century Florence. The show was inspired by the Met's own expansion of its Trecento holdings over the past few decades, including the 2004 acquisition of Duccio's Madonna and Child. The Maest altarpiece can't be seen from the hushed confines of its display back in Siena. The Met plans to reassemble all of the panels of the work for the first time since they were dispersed in the 18th century. The works by Duccio and Simone Martini will be part of the exhibition. The case is that Martini took the Sienese School with him when he left Italy to serve at the French court of Avignon Papacy. The Met is working on the first modern technical analysis of the Maest and plans to publish the results in a separate volume around the time of the opening. The National Gallery in London will be taking the three Maest predella panels from Siena: the Rise of Painting, 1300-50. The SMK National Gallery of Denmark will host two exhibitions examining the works of Kthe Kollwitz.


Stdel Museum will be open from March to June.

The Kollwitz.

The Museum of Modern Art is in New York.

The Kollwitz.

The National Gallery of Denmark is inCopenhagen.

The dark moments of human experience were the focus of Kthe's eye. Images of suffering have an emotional charge that still reverberates a century after they were made. Looking back on her career, she said she was a socialist artist because she saw beauty in her subjects. The workers had a grandness of manner, and they opened a safety-valve for me.

Three major exhibitions dedicated to her will be held in 2024, and will focus on the fusion of artistic experimentation and activism in her work. The first ever New York retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art will highlight her commitment to socially critical subject matter. The Stdel Museum in Frankfurt will consider her desire to promote social change through her art as well as the complex history of political appropriation that surrounded her legacy in the two Germanys after the Second World War. The first comprehensive display of Kollwitz's "fundamentally humanistic" art in the country will be organised by the National Gallery of Denmark. Hers is an art that stands the test of time. The exhibition Zurbarn: an Icon of the Golden Age at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon runs from December 5 to March 2, 2025.

Zurbarn is an icon of the Golden Age.

The Beaux-Arts de Lyon will be open for two months in December and March.

According to a Franciscan myth, when Pope Nicholas V entered the crypt of the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, he found the long-dead saint standing upright and praying with his eyes raised to the sky. The Spanish Old Master Francisco de Zurbarn returned to this image many times. Zurbarn: an Icon of the Golden Age will feature his works in a number of museums across the world. The museum will feature two earlier versions of Saint Francis of Assisi, one of which was thought to have been given by Queen Maria Theresa of Spain in the 17th century. It will be the first time that all three works will be shown together. The use of chiaroscuro is thought to have been influenced by the work of Caravaggio and his circle. The Spanish artist had good fortune, even though he was from Extremadura, and was invited to be the city's official painter after Diego Velzquez left for Madrid. When Zurbarn's work fell out of fashion in Spain, he found a new market in the Americas and started exporting his religious paintings. The influence of Zurbarn on artists in the centuries following his death will be explored in the Lyon show.

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