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There's a way to view a solar eclipse without glasses.

ScienceThere's a way to view a solar eclipse without glasses.

Austin American-Statesman.

The solar eclipse will be visible to millions of people this afternoon. The experts say people are reading: Where to buy solar eclipse glasses.

You can view the solar eclipse using these safe, alternative methods. Everything you need to know about the solar eclipse is available in live updates.

The tree leaves have mini solar eclipses on them.

A fun way to view the eclipse is by watching the light illuminate the leaves. You can see the solar eclipse from start to finish by using a colander.

Similar to leaves, you can use a colander to project mini eclipses. Sean Lindsay is an astronomer at UT and he likes the method of showing the progress of the eclipse.

A projector is needed to see the solar eclipse.

If you don't have eclipse glasses, you can use a projector to view the solar eclipse. All you have to do is take a piece of cardboard, cut an inch square in the middle, tape foil over the square and poke a small hole in the foil. After angle the cardboard, the light will travel through the hole and onto another piece of cardboard to show an image of the sun. How to turn a box into a projector.

Cut a square hole on one end of the box and tape the foil over it. You can see the eclipse if you put the box over your head. Can't watch Monday's solar eclipse in person?

NASA gives instructions on how to make a projector out of a box. Put tape on the center and leave the other side open. Once the box is made, you need to turn away from the sun and angle the box so the sun can see it. Turn a small object into a viewing device.

Cut a small hole on one end of the shoebox and tape foil over it. You can cut a hole on either side of the paper for a closer look. It will project an image of the sun inside if the sun is visible in the daytime.

Take both hands and place them over each other. Can't see our graphics, but you're in the path of totality?

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