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Three Major Shifts the Pandemic Has Instigated

HealthThree Major Shifts the Pandemic Has Instigated

The COVID-19 pandemic has ended, resulting in three major life changes. 

Examining the direction of virtualization, the concern over virus infection has prompted the growth of online shopping markets. 

A convergence of virtual and physical spaces through Online to Offline (O2O) businesses, where goods are delivered through virtual shopping, is becoming prevalent.

Furthermore, utilizing AR and VR devices, shopping online and receiving deliveries, or obtaining physical items through 3D printing at nearby convenience stores is becoming rapidly feasible.

In the direction of remote interactions, while cases like remote parties advocate physical non-contact, the inherent human desire to remain connected without isolation is expected to strengthen the phenomenon of  “being connected.”

Manifestations such as Corona Blues may be understood as a result of amplified feelings of isolation and depression in situations of mutual disconnection. 

This phenomenon accelerates entry into a unique society where the contradictory choices between convenience-oriented remote methods and emotion-centered communication are carried out through technology.

Lastly, the trend in ownership is predicted to continue with the perspective that if unable to own permanently, we temporarily possess.

Ownership entails significant costs in acquisition and maintenance, necessitating consideration of economic efficiency. 

Understanding the aspect of capital-intensive benefits that sharing provides is crucial. The previous sharing economy system, which allowed individuals to enjoy services collectively, has limitations. 

As a result, there is an emphasis on strengthening individual ownership or temporary possession due to these limitations. 

Recent trends, such as the popularity of camping over traditional accommodations, reflect this shift. 

The inclination to occupy spaces in a blocked form from the external environment is rapidly emerging as a business model.

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