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Tom Brady calls out quarterbacks after a hit.

SportsTom Brady calls out quarterbacks after a hit.

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Tom Brady said it was "flat out wrong" to blame the defender for the scary hit on Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. Brady wrote Monday on social media that the episode pointed to a need for better quarterback play.

Kazee was ejected from the game for his hit on Pittman, who was diving for a pass in the second quarter of the Colts win. Kazee delivered a crunching hit that snapped the receiver's head back after he caught the ball. After being attended to by trainers, Pittman left the game and was ruled out with a concussion.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner wrote that he was suspended by the NFL for the rest of the season, but that hard hits happen. It's wrong to put the blame on the defense player when it's not their fault.

Brady wrote that it was not okay to hit your receiver because of your bad decisions.

The Pittsburgh Steeler's defensive back was suspended for the rest of the season for a hit on a player.

Brady made comments last month linking the league's efforts to reduce violent contact with a decrease in the quality of play.

Brady said that a lot of players, like Lewis and Harrison, would have been fined if they hit each other. Why don't coaches talk to their players about how to protect themselves when tackled? He will have to give up approximately $208,000 in game checks if he doesn't play in the last three games. The play that forced Pittman off the field was the subject of differing takes from the coaches of the two teams.

Some of the things that came to light under those circumstances are not something he wants to do.

The National Football League puts a lot of the onus on the defender in those situations. It is unfortunate, but we understand it.

Tom Brady chiming in on the suspension on the IG account of theSteelers.

After Kazee hit him, several observers expressed relief and amazement that he was able to get up and walk off the field. Steichen said on Sunday that the fourth-year player was doing well.

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