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Tom Hollander was on 'Feud' finale.

MovieTom Hollander was on 'Feud' finale.

The following story contains information about the series finale of "Feud: Capote and the Swans". Toby Jones was the winner of the role. Hollander got a second chance to play the literary icon in Ryan Murphy's "Feud: Capote and the Swans," an eight-episode drama about a rift between the writer and a group of New York socialites, who inspired his dishy. Hollander was thrilled that he didn't get to see the earlier film, which was based on the unfinished book. "Feud's version is a sort of elegy; it's the last phase and the dark journey that he took." The British actor says that the series finale is a fantasy of how things might have been. In one scene, he goes on a desert hideaway with C.Z., who is played by Naomi Watts. In one case, guest smashes plates with an embittered "Slim", Diane Lane. Do you think Truman Capote felt guilt about what he did to the Swans, or did he miss the lifestyle that came with them? I don't think he felt guilty because he didn't have anything to be guilty about. I don't know if asking for forgiveness presumes guilt. At times, he felt defiant and enraged that they had gotten so angry when he was just being himself. Some people think that some things are beyond forgiveness. Forgiveness allows us to let go of our anger and hurt. They define how you should be treated and how much you can take. I felt the writing was not as good as in his great period. He lost some of the humanity and sensitivity that he had when he was younger, and it was very coarse and mean in "Answered Prayers." If the writing was better, people wouldn't have been so angry. I don't know what happened to the three chapters that the title card said that the real-life person read. I think it would be wonderful if they had been written and there was a chance that it could be found. I'm not sure if he got down to it or threw them away because he knew it wasn't good enough. He would have loved it, but after six months of moving and speaking like Truman, does he still haunt you? I did not play Truman for long, but I do miss him. When a character is in your body and heart for a long time, then you miss them just as much as you do.

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