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Ulé is one of the first beauty brands to launch digital product passports.

BeautyUlé is one of the first beauty brands to launch digital product passports.

A digital product passport is a virtual profile of a product. The DPP will give consumers and stakeholders a clear view of Ulé's manufacturing processes, giving them a clear view of its lifecycle. The company says the move is intended to drive more informed purchasing decisions and encourage the adoption of eco-friendly practices. Consumers can use the passport to access the brand's commitments, personalized services, exclusive experiences and direct messages, as well as verify products' authenticity. The end of cookies and new barriers to customer data are making communications and targeting more difficult. It's a better choice for brands to use plants in their products if they use vertical farming. According to the brand, some products from Ulé, like the Ulé Avoir It All In & Out Nurturing Phyto Oil, are clean enough to eat. In 2020, the European Commission and E.U. consumer authorities analyzed online green claims by fashion and beauty brands and found that 42% of the claims could be misleading. The European Union is set to implement new regulations mandating that consumer brands adopt digital product passports. The brand's website has a link that will lead to a confirmation email with a digital product passport. Sandrine Henrie, the co-founder of Ulé, said that non-transferability of the passport is crucial for the brand. It also helps to prevent misuse or exploitation of the rewards program and maintain a sense of personal connection and appreciation for our customers.

Lindsay Azpitarte, co-founder of Ulé, said that their primary focus is to deepen their understanding of their customers and what drives their interest in Ulé Launching a comprehensive, complexCRM program at this stage is premature because we don't know what truly motivates our customers and what sparks their engagement and conversion.

Customers who register their products before February 29 get access to rewards like discounts and events. A select few customers will receive invitations to the Earth Day event in Paris in April of 2024, while others will receive a gift voucher to use on the brand's website. Henrie said the invitation to the Earth Day event gave their most dedicated customers a unique opportunity to witness their commitment to sustainable practices.

The brand is promoting the passport on its social media channels over the next week. Digital product passports can help improve transparency in the beauty industry by leading to more post- purchase retention, according to the CEO of Arianee. Ulé plans to explore innovative ways to gather feedback, incorporate customer preferences into its product development process and showcase the stories behind its brand.

Henrie thinks that the technology will help with customer acquisition and interaction, while educating customers. The company didn't say how much its annual revenue was.

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