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We are obsessed with art in February.

Arts and EntertainmentWe are obsessed with art in February.


We are obsessed with the art in February.

Artsy editorial.

Feb 21, 2041.

Artsy staff members share works of art in the monthly series, "The Art We're Obsessed With." Our editors stumbled across little-known artists at local shows, as well as artworks going viral on our platform, this month.

The bow was a signifier of the year of the girl, if it was the year of the girl. One of the paintings that Anico Mostert exhibited at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair last week is up for appraisal. There is a group of figures with Gumbyish proportions and mask-like faces that look warily at a surface strewn with the remnants of feminine beauty rituals. The painting has a balance between sweet and sickly, as well as a playful title that makes me feel uneasy. It is related to the ambivalence I feel about the dueling possibilities for empowerment and infantilization.

Welcoming Birds is a novel by Ana Maria Hernando.

The price for Ana Maria Hernando Welcoming Birds is at the gallery. Her work suggests gigantic, show-offy mushrooms at times covered in snow, with sumptuous volumes of tulle cascading out of metal poles. The installation pays homage to ballet tutus and bustles that primp the female body for male eyes, and will be on my list when I visit New York. The work Welcoming Birds is a small, wall-based work by Hernando and was featured in the recent show from Gallery Elle Fine Art. sie Thaddeus-Johns is the Editor.

Big and sweet by the light.

I stumbled upon the work of Adamerovich in the booth of Michael Kohn Gallery. I was immediately drawn to the painting's enigmatic landscape, illuminated by a small circle of light that spotlights the bottom right corner of the canvas. Adamerovich paints in a way that is so complex that it's difficult to tell it's a painting. The Staff Writer is Maxwell Rabb.

Bre Andy, Peek, 2023.

I discovered works by Bre Andy at the Cierra Britton Gallery, a space dedicated to women artists of color. Peek is a paper work that uses a limited amount of oils to create subtle shifts in tone, playing with light and shadow to form folds and crease in its subject's clothing. The space beyond the frame's edge is intriguing. Adeola Gay is the Curatorial Manager.

Ivan Forde is in the movie Moonlight's Decent.

I saw this work by Ivan Forde at Tiwani Contemporary in London's Mayfair, which was the first show of its kind in the world. The painting on kozo paper is a representation of a ship on a voyage to who knows where. Arun is the Art Market Editor.

Corrine Slade is walking on sunshine.

During New York Fashion Week, my brain was temporarily hijacked to pay more attention to fashion than art. Clunky, sun-dappled combat boots are combined with a flared pant from the ’70s to walk on a bed of tulips. With his beautiful strokes of oil, and oil pastels on canvas, Slade makes me think of a scene I can't stop thinking about.

Artsy editorial.

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