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We're expecting to see 5 car trends.

TechnologyWe're expecting to see 5 car trends.

The car industry has become a major part of the news at the conference. The evolution of the event over the past few years has been its positioning as a major automotive show. The car news this year is going to get even more electric.

Tech Radar predicted that electric cars will be the focus of the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, since the market has been rough on self-drive vehicles. The market has spoken and EV sales grew from 3 million in 2020 to 10 million in 2023.

Last year at the Consumer Electronics Show, BMW announced a color-changing concept car that never made it to the streets. Tech Radar's Jeremy Kaplan predicted in an article that "there will be tons of real-world tech on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2024, actual stuff you can actually buy today for your next actual car." Honda has new cars.

The Japanese car giant announced it'll debut its new "global EV series models and several key technologies that illustrate the significant transformation Honda is currently undergoing." It's safe to assume that the announcement on January 9 will be a big one.

We've already gotten a look at one of the concept vehicles. The Mobion concept car, which allows all the wheels to turn independently, will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The car industry might be an exception to that rule. Don't expect cars with artificial intelligence just yet.

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