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What will the long term mean for beauty trends?

FashionWhat will the long term mean for beauty trends?

What do Hershey's chocolate syrup and tomatoes have in common? They have all been cited as inspiration for beauty trends, including the tomato girl makeup, a heavily-blushed freckled face, and glossy brunette hair. Since the platform exploded, TikTok has forever changed the trend cycle, particularly in beauty. The impact of TikTok trends on the industry at large is enormous. Depending on what is happening at any given moment, different products can see a sales downturn. The popular clean girl makeup look often excludes foundation in favour of light concealer. Beauty brands can engage in the cultural conversation by marketing on social media or selecting what products to highlight in-store. CatQuinn, the executive director of trend at Mac Cosmetics, said that it is up to brands to decipher which trends are worth paying attention to. Capitalising on the trends.

The ability to have a red-hot, viral product may be down to luck, but brands with wide product assortments and flexible formulas will be at an advantage. She said that you always want to maintain a lens of products that allow for manipulation.

It doesn't mean trying to be everything to everyone, and brands don't need to try every trend. Lip liner and lipgloss are not going away. If a trend is a natural fit for a hero product, brands should be vocal about it. It can be done by publishing social media content themed to a particular trend, but the brands need to be aware of their own limitations. Executives should look out for trends and identify the ones that make sense for their label. A hot trend can also boost an influencer, as was the case with the popularisation of her "glazed donut" look. The fast pace of TikTok makes it hard to create new products in response to trends, as the internet may have moved on by the time the product is on store shelves. Rhode introduced a strawberry glazed donut- flavoured version in collaboration with Krispy Kreme, a nod to the "glazed donut" trend that started with Selena Gomez. Getting the products into the hands of people who are going to play with these trends is what Payne is talking about.

Spotting trends early will give beauty brands a leg up that can help in planning these responses, the more quickly you can react to it. The mob wife trend is a good example of what is happening in culture at large. A lot of consumers feel like they have been doing minimalist things for a long time.

Her advice to brands is not to get hung up on a quirky name. Payne said that mob wife is more about creating a "feeling of badassery" than it is about taking style cues from the mafia. There are many flash trends that are unrelated to a new technique or product. The core themes will probably stick around due to the fact that the more trends that share the same visual aspects, the more likely they are. The TikTok generation is addicted to jumping on something from the past and changing it to a new name. Brand leaders should think about how a certain trend will land in different regions and age groups. Beyond that, brands need to consider the wider meaning in these small moments.

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