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You might have missed it, but here are some things you should have known: Spike Lee sells his Air Jordans, and Beyonc wears Prada hot pants.

FashionYou might have missed it, but here are some things you should have known: Spike Lee sells his Air Jordans, and Beyonc wears Prada hot pants.

The images are from the same company.

The panty as pants trend was seen by a lot of people this weekend. She wore a pair of Prada sequined panties shorts with a long-sleeve sheer top. The Air Jordan 3 that Spike Lee wore at the Academy Awards is going to be auctioned off. The capsule collection features bright green track jackets, water-repellent pants and accessories. The collection will be available on the Nike SNKRS app and at select retailers on December 21. The brand presidents and creative directors of the group were in Paris for the day. Diesel and Lee have collaborated on a collection. The collection will be created with Lee's individually-sourced fabrics and will include a number of unique jeans. If you want to know about the weekend fashion events or want to stay up-to-date on all things fashion, keep scrolling.

There is a list of celebrities who are wearing panty-as-pants outside. While celebrating JAY-Z's birthday recently, the beloved singer looked exquisite in a pair of Prada sequin hot pants, a sheer nude bodysuit, and a fuzzy cream colored jacket. She wore a panty as a pair of pants and finished her look with nude heels. If you want to get your hands on the shorts before they sell out, head here where you can find them for $2,750.

Spike Lee has been fond of Jordans and sportswear throughout his career. His pair of Air Jordan 3's, a special edition high top sneaker with metallic gold leather and an elephant print, which made its first appearance at the Academy Awards, is going up for auction. Spike Lee has a film production company logo, 40 Acres and A Mule Filmworks, that is featured with the Jumpman logo. All of the proceeds of Lee's Jordans will go to Portland Rescue Mission, a non-profit organization that aids the homeless as well as those who struggle with addiction.

A sporty collection filled with track suits, baseball caps in water-repellant fabric, and more will be released by Nike and Off-White. The collection will be available on the SNKRS app on December 21.

According to WWD, the group will be working together at the full circle day ofsustainability in Paris. The summit was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris where brand presidents and creative directors were present. Diesel and Lee collaborated on a new upcycled collection.

Diesel is hoping to combat textile waste in his newest initiative. Diesel will use scrap fabrics from Lee to create new jeans. Diesel is doing its part to contribute less of a carbon footprint on the world by upcycling. Diesel.com in Europe and Japan have a limited edition capsule collection of 5,000 pieces.

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