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You'll be back to a simpler time with the makeup instruction from the young lady.

BeautyYou'll be back to a simpler time with the makeup instruction from the young lady.

Is her mid-2010s style as culturally impactful as her other aesthetic eras? You will remember colorful wigs, bold makeup, and Coachella-inspired everything that trickled down through social media, becoming wildly influential. You might feel like you have taken a trip back in time with her latest video. It is more than a little nostalgia inducing, but all that is missing is a cotton candy-blue wig and a LuMee phone case to document it. The thick, squared-off brows that were part of the trend when The Chainsmokers ruled the world were the first trend to be covered by Jenner. She applied an outline of lighter-colored concealer after using both a pencil and a pomade. The black leather cord-style choker is the next thing that will make anyone look sculpted. She uses a light hand on this section, explaining that she is baking the highlighted areas with powder for authenticity. You already know that she whips out an original version of her Lip Kit in a shade of dusty rose, carefully overlining her mouth just like she did seven years ago. She used a pair of fake lashes to look like lash extensions and then she put a shimmer on the high points of her face. The look is fun, but the best part is that she posted a video of her mugging for the camera in her makeup with a track playing in the background. Fans speculated that she could be the rapper back in the day, making the song addition hilarious. The video shows how every trend will eventually fade, but that doesn't mean you can't stay focused on the moment.

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